Sit Back, Relax, Enjoy and Win a Horse Race Spectator Game

Contrary to the common belief, gambling did not start in the US. A vast majority of today’s most popular gambling games have originated in different places around the world. The roots of gambling can be traced down to the Chinese culture. Keno, one of the oldest Chinese lottery games is now played by millions of people all over the world. Other interesting games that have a universal appeal include games like Pai Gow, Craps, Roulette and Blackjack to name just a few.Besides these, there are various other spectator sports like equestrian sports and Jai Alai that involve a great deal of gambling. An equestrian sport such as thorough bred horse racing is a fine example of this. Although this game was developed during the seventies in England, it gained popularity in the US much later. Online gambling is the latest addition in the long list of gambling games. Horse race spectator games are not only a great source of recreation but also good way to learn more about horse racing games.Horse race spectator games are simple and fun to play. The player merely needs to select a horse of his choice and then sit back and enjoy, watching the race. It is a grand game on horse racing that you can not only play with your friends but also enjoy with your family. Horse fans can also play a race featuring various champions belonging to different time periods.The game also offers the player numerous advantages such as choosing conditions as well as the best quality of 3D graphics. Besides this, players also get a chance to examine photo finishes, view instant replays and save their favorite virtual horse races. In short, virtual horse video games like horse race spectator game help to make the right choices and manage financial resources efficiently.Players can also wager a fictitious amount of money on pre-established races with particular conditions. Moreover, there are great prizes to be won. For instance, players get a chance to dine and converse with some of the top experts in the industry. You can download and install the game for free!

Cancer Risk Assessment: Cancer And The Game Of Chance

Cancer and gambling are in a way related. No. Don’t get it wrong you do not have a higher or lower chance of contracting cancer if you indulge in any type of gambling. But there is a subtle similarity between the game of chance and chance of cancer. In the case of gambling or in any game of chance luck plays a major part in determining who gets to win and who does not. Of course skill and logical analysis can have some minimal impact in the outcome of any game of chance but it is almost always sheer luck that plays a main role. Similarly luck plays a major role in determining who gets cancer and who does not in a good number of cases. The influence of luck when it comes to cancer is commonly ignored; yet it is important for the individual. How is that two animals of identical genetic constitution that have been treated in the same way do not, in general, develop cancer in the same place at precisely the same age is always a mystery.There are chain smokers who smoke several packets of cigarettes till the ripe old age of 80 and still do not seem to be affected by lung cancer. In fact one of the oldest persons in Cuba who is aged 110 years says that the secret of his longevity are best quality Cuban cigars. While someone in his early twenties who had recently taken to smoking may be diagnosed with lung cancer. Out of two twin sisters with similar genetic predisposition to breast cancer only one may ever develop it and the other may live a healthy life till the end.It all reflects the element of chance that determines whether a particular series of events all occur in one particular stem cell out of the many thousands of stem cells that exist that don’t give rise to a malignant tumor. For any one individual the role of good or bad luck in determining the occurrence of cancer may be large just as luck plays a substantial part in whether or not an individual driver has a traffic incident. But overall the element of chance when it comes to overall population is found to be low. Luck has little net effect on the incidence of cancer on the large population and only nature and nurture are important. Assume that a group of people are crossing a land mine infested war zone without any demining or preventive steps. There is a very high chance that most of them would be affected by mine blast. But still there may be some individuals who may escape. So while a good number of cancer cases are out of sheer luck a major portion of cancer cases are definitely due the level and duration of the exposure to carcinogens and the nutrition. Leaving it to chance and luck to ward off cancer while exposing oneself to carcinogens and not taking proper nutrition to build immunity is like walking in the cancer minefield.Turmeric And Cancer

How To Place Your Bet In Texas Hold’em Poker

Basic Poker BettingPoker is a gambling game. So, how do you bet? In most games, you must ‘ante’ something to get dealt cards. Players place their bets into a pot in the middle. At the end of the hand, the highest hand unfolded hand wins the pot.You have one of three choices:1.Call: When you call, you bet enough to match what has been bet since the last time you bet.2.Raise: When you raise, you first bet enough to match what has been bet since the last time you bet (as in calling), then you ‘raise’ the bet another amount.3.Fold: When you fold, you drop out of the current hand, but you don’t have to put any money into the pot.How To Place Your BetA bet is a declaration that you have a good hand. When a player raises, they are proclaiming they have the best hand and they’ll wager money on it. Typically, players are supposed to raise when they have a good hand and those who have a bad hand are suppose to fold. If everyone stuck to this policy, there would be no need for any strategy. However, most players play contrary to this idea and attempt to be cunning and deceptive. The following descriptions are strategic plays:Blind-Stealing: When you are on the dealer button and only you have the blinds are left, a raise is often called blind-stealing. This may cause the blinds to fold, stead of simply checking. This strategy will never make you rich, but ends the game fast so you may be dealt a new hand (and adds a few chips to your stack).Blind stealing is a tremendous tactic within a tournament game, especially when the blinds become very high.Steal-Raise: If you are the last to act and all players have checked to you, a simple raise can limit the number of active players or take the pot. This move is only recommended if you’ve hit a piece of the flop and want to see where you stand.Check-Raising: The act of checking to your opponent with the intention of luring them to raise, so that you can re-raise them back. Your intention is to lure them to feel secure about their hand and betting so you can re-raise back at them.For example, I was in early position and was holding AQ and the flop came down as Q-A-A. I didn’t want to scare anyone out of the pot so I checked and waited for someone to bet. My opponent bets, and I raise him back with a substantial amount that kept him thinking for a minute.The Opener: Raising when you’re first to act. This strategy is used to limit the number of players and is an information bet (usually players with strong hands will call). Many will fold, but the ones remaining will either be equally aggressive or truly have a good hand.Squeezing: Raising when suspecting another player or players may be on a draw (players looking for a straight, flush, etc). Raising discourages players taking a chance on their draws.For example, I was holding a suited hand J10, and the flop came down as 2-A-8 with two clubs on the community. One more club would have gave me a strong flush possibility, but my opponent bet a strong amount that wasn’t worth gambling if I didn’t hit my flush.