Types of Jewelry Boxes for Adults and Children

Jewelry boxes have been around for hundreds of years and both men and women continue to use them to store personal jewelry. Men have traditionally called a jewelry box for men a valet, even though it serves the same purpose as a woman’s jewelry storage box. Some can be interchangeably used for men or women, depending on the design, wood finish and style that appeals to each.Today’s market has propelled the development of many different types of jewelry boxes. Some are small, others quite large. Some are made with small legs to sit on a dresser, while others are made with a box-like base and can sit on a chest, dresser or other piece of bedroom furniture. There are also boxes for jewelry that are manufactured by designer brands that are high end, quality pieces that can be used for years. Here are some of the different types of jewelry boxes available today.Single box style A single box style is usually a simple box that is usually made in a rectangular shape and opens with a top lid. The interior is completely open except for perhaps a small tray with very small sections that can be used to store earrings or other small pieces of jewelry. Some of these smaller boxes may not even have a tray, but merely have an open area inside to store jewelry. There are many different designs of this very traditional jewelry storage item, from Asian influenced to Victorian styling.Novelty jewelry boxes for kidsThere are many kinds of novelty boxes used to store jewelry that are especially made for children and teens. Some are designed with a popular cartoon character in mind, while others are made in a princess style. These are usually not as expensive as a higher quality product and are not designed to last for a lifetime. However, many kids really enjoy using a novelty storage box for their costume jewelry.Multiple drawer storageThere is a wide variety of larger jewelry boxes that are designed with several layers of drawers, a top lid and sometimes areas on the side to hang things such as necklaces. These are generally made from fine wood and designed to last a lifetime. Many are lined with velvet material that keeps fine jewelry safe and clean when not in use. There are many styles of larger storage boxes including traditional, mission and contemporary. They also come in a variety of woods, finishes and colors that will match any home decor theme.Standing jewelry boxA standing jewelry box is designed so that it has a base on which the taller portion of the box is built. Many of these look like miniature wardrobes and make it easy to store hanging jewelry such as necklaces or scarves. Some have beautiful ornate doors with either stained glass or solid wood carvings. At least one drawer is usually built into the base for storing watches or other personal items.