Shopping Online for Women’s Clothing – “X Factor” Tips for Getting Great Deals

1. Online vs. Offline shoppingThis is by far the most controversial topic discussed when it comes to clothing and accessories. Because unlike buying an electrical appliance or a decoration item, you’ll actually have to wear the item and nothing would put you off more than to buy an item which will arrive later than when you go to a store to purchase it, only to figure out that the size you have purchased turns out to be non-fitting.Considering this, of course the actual shop would win this battle (but NOT the war), but luckily for us many online stores these days such as Amazon, eBay, Wish, Shopify and many others offer a “A-Z Guarantee” which protects all its buyers by offering a substantial refund & return period in which you can simply return the product without any questions asked.When you combine the aspect above AND the fact that when you buy your product(s) at a price which does not include the maintenance fee nor the employee fee, but simply the merchandise fee you could be looking at a price that is around 40% to even 60% cheaper. No need to convince us where we’ll do our clothing shopping.2. The secret X factor that almost NOBODY knows aboutWhen doing your shopping online through one of many available platforms, keep in mind that there is an X factor that is not taken into account by almost everybody. This X factor is called the “start-up Seller factor”, which basically includes those online Sellers who have recently started selling products online and are looking for great reviews from Buyers.In order to reap the benefits of this secret X-factor, it is highly recommended to communicate with your online shop. The reason why is because these new Sellers will might be able to adjust the purchase price and/or even give you other benefits like free shipping or discounts on future purchases too.Instead of locating the large sized Seller’s, you might want to browse around newly set up shops and request a number of things (don’t go too crazy on it though). You’ll find yourself a bit reluctant to write the Seller as this might not be the normal way of doing business, but for a start-up Seller, the rating that you will provide is worth a LOT MORE than the extra service that they will provide you with and thus, they will most likely welcome your request(s).These conclude the tips for the ladies among us who are shopping online for their clothing as we know that they worked miracles for us! Happy shopping.